Selection of cheese, crackers, cold meats, fruit, nut and wine

please specify- red or white wine

White floral graze


A selection of the finest cheese, antipasto and fresh premium fruit with seasonal florals including orchard

Premium Fresh and Dried Fruit


A premium Selection of fresh and dried Fruit

Celebration Graze


A grazing box with the lot, cold meats, cheeses, fresh fruit, sweets and wine

note: you can opt to not have cold meats cut- instead we will include a package cacciatore salami

serves (1-2 people)

please specify- red wine, white wine or champagne

Medium Antipasto Box


A selection of cold deli cuts, cheese, dips, antipasto and crackers

Urbans Large Antipasto Box


feeds (10+ people) deli meat, cheeses, dips, crackers and antipasto

Mixed Antipasto & Fruit box


A selection of deli meats, cheese and premium fruit ( feeds 1-4 people)

( please specify allergies )

Double Antipasto Box


two medium size boxes filled with cold cuts, cheeses, dips and Italian antipasto serves 10-12 people

Deluxe Savory Box


An Assortment of 30 mini quiches ( spinach and cheese and Lorraine) and 12 mini filled croissants ( ham, cheese, tomato and Ham, cheese and lettuce)

note: quiches are delivered at room temperature  and can be heated by the consumer

Pete’ morning tea box


A box filled with:

12 yoghurt and granola cups

12 mini muffins

12 mini danish

Sliced Pear & Raspberry Bread

Medium Vegan Box


An assortment of veggie sticks, dip, crackers, nuts and antipasto, box feeds aprox. 6-8 people



Freshly cut fruit, dips, cheeses, olives, sweet and savory biscuits ( serves 8-10 people)

LARGE Seasonal Fruit Box with dried fruit


A selection of freshly cut seasonal fruit ( serves 10-12 people)



A box filled with a mix of fresh fruit, cheeses, dips, crackers, cold cuts and sweet treats

Medium Gift Antipasto Grazing Box


A box filled with cold cuts, fruit, chesses, dip & nuts (serves 1-4 people)



A mixed tray of wrpas, sandwiches, cheeses and fresh fruit serves (6-8 people)



MEDIUM Seasonal Fruit Box


A handpicked selection of seasonal cut up fruits



A gourmet selection of cheeses, seasonal fruit, nuts and crackers



2 LARGE BOXES filled with an assortment of sweets and savories.

30 mini quiches ( Loraine and spinach)

12  filled croissants ( ham, cheese & lettuce & ham, cheese & tomato) ,

12 mini granola cups,12 muffins ( berry and chocolate)

12 assorted Danish

note: quiches are delivered at room temperature and can be heated by customer.



A perfect spread of fresh cut fruit, two varieties of sandwiches and mini spinach and cheese and Lorraine quiches

serves 12-15 people

note: quiches are boxed up at room temperature ( can be reheated by consumer )


Large Fruit and Morning Tea Box


Fresh seasonal fruit with morning tea granola bars, muffins and tea cakes (GF options available ) please specify if needed

Gift Boxes

Large premium Fruit hamper


Seasonal whole fruit with nought and bag chocolate

The Charles Floral Graze


An assortment of premium fresh fruit, chocolate and nougat with colorful bunch of florals

Small Choc-o-holic box


A selection of chocolate filled sweets with fresh berries

Large Premium Fruit & Cheese Hamper


A premium hamper filled with fresh seasonal fruit, cheeses, grocery and red or white premium wine or champagne

please specify wine or champagne in the hamper

Antipasto, Premium Fruit & Fresh flower Box


Primarily cold meats, cheese & antipasto with fresh premium fruit and a few sweets. Also includes an arrangement of fresh florals in a large box gift wrapped

note: you can opt not to have the cold meats sliced, instead we will include a packaged salami

Medium Premium Fruit & Sweet Box


A selection of Premium seasonal Fruit and sweets

A choc-o-holics feast


A medium box filled with fresh fruit and an abundance of chocolate lovers sweets ( specify if wanted gift wrapped)

Premium Fruit, Sweets & Fresh Flower Box


A selection of fresh seasonal flowers and an assortment of sweets and premium fruit

Premium Small Fruit Basket


A selection of premium hand picked fruit

small $70

medium $100

large $150

Premium Small Fruit & Sweet Basket


Premium selection of fresh fruit, chocolate and nougat

Large Seasonal Fruit Box


A selection of seasonal produce gift wrapped in a long box

Large Seasonal Fruit & Grocery Box


large gift box filled with fresh fruit, biscotti , nuts and chocolates

Gift fruit platter


seasonal fruit platter gifted on a ceramic platter and gift wrapped

Large Sweet- Fruit Gift Box


A large gift box filled with fresh seasonal fruit and an assortment of Biscuits

Medium Gift Antipasto Grazing Box


A box filled with cold cuts, fruit, chesses, dip & nuts (serves 1-4 people)

Medium Fruit & Grocery Gift Hamper


A handpicked selection of Fresh seasonal fruit, chocolate, Raw nuts, Soft cheeses and dips, Biscuits, Granola & Crackers.

Gourmet Range


Minimum order of 12

Mini quiches


quiches are made in dozens and are delivered cold !

  • Spinach and cheese
  • Lorraine

please specify flavor

Cocktail Home Made Pies


All our mini pies are hand made using premium quality meats & Vegetables. Our buttery hand made pastry will have you running back for more!)

chicken and leek or premium beef

( please specify in comments)

Price per dozen
Minimum order of 12

Mini Smoked Salmon Tarts


Smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill


Price per dozen
Minimum order of 12

Mini Rolls

  • Beef
  • Pumpkin and feta
  • Spinach and ricotta


Price per dozen
Minimum order of 12

Mini Arancini

  • Bolognese
  • Chicken and mushroom
  • Spinach and ricotta


Price per dozen
Minimum order of 12



A delicious mix of pies, quiches and sausage rolls ( 48 pieces- needs a lead time of 3 days prior to event)

please not this this box is collected cold and will need to be heated by consumer unless specified in notes on order.


Minimum order of 6
Available on wraps or sliced bread

Small wrap box


Choice of two filling ( please specify)

schnitzel, ham, egg, salmon or turkey

medium sandwich box


6 sandwiches cut in quarters

please specify 2 choices :

-ham, cheese & tomato

-egg lettuce mayo

-chili chicken, cheese, tomato, mayo

-tuna, mayo, cucumber, lettuce

-cheese and salad


large Simple Sandwich box


Mixed assortment of 10 sandwiches cut in quarters  ( box feeds 10 people)

Please specify two combinations of fillings for sandwiches in notes.

  • Full salad & cheese
  • Ham, cheese & tomato
  • Turkey, cranberry, mayo, avocado & lettuce
  • chili chicken, cheese, tomato, mayo, sweet chili & lettuce


Medium Wrap box


An Assortment of 10 wraps cut in half

  • chicken schnitzel, cheese, tomato, avocado, lettuce mayo
  • smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, avocado and lettuce



All salads serve 12-15 people

large fruit salad


seasonal fruit all cut up and boxed ready for food service ( serves 12-15)

capresè salad


A combination of ripe vine & cheery tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, Bocconcini and Fresh Basil.

Serves 10-15 people

Italian Potato Salad


potatoes, cheery tomatoes, capers, Spanish onion and fresh parsley

Greek Salad (V)


Cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, black olives and feta


All salads serve 12-15 people




Dinners made easy!






Small Scones W’ Jam & Cream


1 dozen scones served with 1 jar of jam and whipped cream

Urbans Mixed Sweet Box


A large box filled with a variety of pastries, slices and biscuits feeds 10+ people

Dessert Cup Box


24 dessert cups with a mix of tiramisu and trifle

Large Morning Tea Box


An assortment of 12 mini danish, 12 mini muffins, pear and raspberry bread and mixed friands with berries scatted

Freshly filled Mini Cannoli Box


A box of 36 freshly filled mini cannoli ( chocolate, vanilla & ricotta).

note: trace of nuts are present

chocolate dipped strawberries


12 chocolate dipped strawberries in a gift box

Large Baked Ricotta Cheese Cake


Baked Ricotta Cheese Cake 10inches serves 12-15 people. Topped with seasonal Fruit