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Bacon & Egg Sliders


12 x Bacon and Egg Brioche sliders

please specify if you would like sauce

Breakfast Filled croissants


12 x filled croissants cut in half. Fillings

  • ham and cheese
  • ham, cheese and tomato
  • cheese, tomatoes, avocado and rocket
  • Turkey, avo, Brie, rocket

more veggie or halal options available


Italian Panini box


20 x half pieces of Italian filled panini

proscuitto, ham, chili chicken, salami and mortadella fillings

Large Sandwiches & Wraps Box


Mix of 7 sandwiches cut in quarters and 8 wraps cut in half – choice of

  • ham, cheese and tomato
  • cheese and salad
  • turkey, cranberry, avo, Brie , lettuce
  • chicken schnitzel, cheese, tomato, lettuce
  • chili chicken, cheese, tomato, sweet chili and lettuce
  • egg, lettuce and mayo
  • tuna, Mayo, herbs

large Simple Sandwich box


Mixed assortment of 14 sandwiches cut in quarters

Please specify two combinations of fillings for sandwiches in notes.

  • Full salad & cheese
  • Ham, cheese & tomato
  • egg, lettuce, mayo
  • Chili chicken, cheese, tomato, lettuce
  • turkey, cranberry , Mayo, lettuce


Medium Sandwich Box


7sandwiches cut in quarters

please specify 2 choices :

-ham, cheese & tomato

-egg lettuce mayo / chili chicken, cheese, tomato, mayo, lettuce/ cheese and full salad/ turkey, cranberry, avocado, Brie and lettuce

-fairy bread ( for kids) or butter & Vegemite ( for kids)


Medium Wrap box


An Assortment of 12 wraps cut in half (choice of two filling )

  • chicken schnitzel, cheese, tomato, avocado, lettuce mayo
  • smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, avocado and lettuce
  • Turkey, cranberry, Mayo, Brie , lettuce
  • chili chicken, cheese, tomato, Mayo, lettuce


Mini Bagel box


12 x mini filled bagels

– choice of 2 combinations

– turkey, cranberry, avocado, Brie, rocket

– Smoked salmon, tomatoes, capers , cream cheese

– ham, cheese, tomato and salad

– chili chicken, cheese, tomato, Mayo and lettuce