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Selection of cheese, crackers, cold meats, fruit, nut and wine

please specify- red or white wine

A choc-o-holics feast


A medium box filled with fresh fruit and an abundance of chocolate lovers sweets ( specify if wanted gift wrapped)

Antipasto, Premium Fruit & Fresh flower Box


Primarily cold meats, cheese & antipasto with fresh premium fruit and a few sweets. Also includes an arrangement of fresh florals in a large box gift wrapped

note: you can opt not to have the cold meats sliced, instead we will include a packaged salami



2 LARGE BOXES filled with an assortment of sweets and savories.

30 mini quiches ( Loraine and spinach)

12  filled croissants ( ham, cheese & lettuce & ham, cheese & tomato) ,

12 mini granola cups,12 muffins ( berry and chocolate)

12 assorted Danish

note: quiches are delivered at room temperature and can be heated by customer.

Celebration Graze


A grazing box with the lot, cold meats, cheeses, fresh fruit, sweets and wine

note: you can opt to not have cold meats cut- instead we will include a package cacciatore salami

serves (1-2 people)

please specify- red wine, white wine or champagne

Deluxe Savory Box


An Assortment of 30 mini quiches ( spinach and cheese and Lorraine) and 12 mini filled croissants ( ham, cheese, tomato and Ham, cheese and lettuce)

note: quiches are delivered at room temperature  and can be heated by the consumer

Double Antipasto Box


two medium size boxes filled with cold cuts, cheeses, dips and Italian antipasto serves 10-12 people

Gift fruit platter


seasonal fruit platter gifted on a ceramic platter and gift wrapped



A perfect spread of fresh cut fruit, two varieties of sandwiches and mini spinach and cheese and Lorraine quiches

serves 12-15 people

note: quiches are boxed up at room temperature ( can be reheated by consumer )